Update Kernel in Ubuntu

The Linux kernel (v5.4.0) used in Ubuntu 20.04 has poor support for the HDMI sound support—the sound device shows “Dummy Output” after every computer sleep. I had tried different solutions but still would like to forget about running those commands before getting the sound out. So, I upgraded the kernel to the latest version supported by Ubuntu and it works. Below is the list of commands that I used.

$ wget
$ sudo install /usr/local/bin/
$ sudo -i
Finding latest version available on
Latest version is: v5.7.0, continue? (y/N)
$ sudo update-grub
$ sudo grub-customizer

Since I used grub-customizer to manage Grub options, I also ran the last two commands to add the new kernel to boot options in Grub. After reboot the computer with the new kernel, I no longer have the “Dummy Output” issue any more.

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