C2Bio offers Bioinformatics R&D, Data Management, and Consulting and Training services. Please contact us to discuss your specific requests.

Bioinformatics R&D

C2Bio provides both infrastructure level and project level bioinformatics support for NGS, DTC and other technologies. At the infrastructure level, our scientists will set up your bioinformatics computing environment no matter it is in the cloud or on-premise. At the project level, C2Bio scientists will work with you to optimize the data analysis workflow. At either level, we will work with you closely and understand your unique requirements before any solutions are recommended.

Data Management

Data can be translated to knowledge only if they are managed effectively. C2Bio has developed a comprehensive data management solution that can store both the sequencing data, metadata, and reference collection that can accelerate the knowledge translation process in a secure environment.

Consulting and Training

Frustrated about how to write a concrete proposal that requires sophisticated data analysis and a well controled study design? You don't have to work on the proposal alone. C2Bio scientists have helped multiple organizations to develop both business and research proposals with multi-million dollars funded every year. Whether you are applying for internal funding for a pilot project or NIH R01, our extensive experience in developing proposals will convince the reviewers that you have concrete data analysis plan.